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expsyt (pronounced excite) applies best practices in Industrial & Organizational Psychology to provide high-end consulting solutions to organizations. We specialize in assessments for selecting top talent, leadership development and executive coaching.

We partner with your organization to identify key leadership competencies and criteria for success and customize our solutions to your specific needs.

At expsyt we apply our expertise in the science of analyzing human behaviour to a variety of roles across all levels of the organization. These include:

· C-suite executives

· VP-level leaders

· Director-level leaders

· Entry-level leaders

· Professionals in specialized job roles

An ethically responsible brand of I-O psychology


The expsyt promise

expsyt is a 100% women-owned, Canadian-based business committed to promoting fairness and equality for all in workplaces across North America and beyond.

Experts in organizational behaviour

What we do

expsyt draws on scientifically validated assessment tools and methodologies to offer objective, high quality behavioural assessments and recommendations about the potential of individuals to succeed in organizations.

Selection Assessments

· Personality assessments
· Cognitive reasoning tests
· Structured behavioural interviews
· Virtual simulations

Leadership Development

· 360⁰ assessments and feedback
· Development centres
· Personality assessments

· Emotional intelligence assessments
· Structured behavioural interviews
· Virtual simulations

Executive Coaching
· Behavioural, assessment-based coaching
· Short, medium and long-term coaching 

Our specialized services


Entrepreneur Success Profile

The Entrepreneur Success Profile by expsyt

Do you want to maximize your return on investment by funding entrepreneurs with high potential for success?

Are you interested in identifying intrapreneurs to propel your business into the future?

Do you want to develop the behaviours that lead to entrepreneurial success?

The Entrepreneur Success Profile (ESP) may be the solution. Drawing on decades of scientific research about entrepreneurs, expsyt has created the ESP which offers a comprehensive framework for assessing entrepreneurial potential. The ESP is grounded in the science of human behaviour and leverages a range of psychological assessments to predict and measure the entrepreneurial behaviours that contribute to business success.

The ESP is designed to assess entrepreneurs leading their own business ventures and intrapreneurs supporting innovation and transforming industries from within established organizations. It is available for selection, development and coaching applications and can be customized based on your organization's needs.

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Optimize by expsyt

Optimally deploy leaders to future-proof your organization

Are you leveraging the full potential of your leaders?

How do you ensure that your leaders are optimally deployed in strategic roles?

Are you measuring leadership potential objectively?

Optimize by expsyt is designed to optimally deploy key leadership talent within your organization. It aligns leaders with the strategic roles they have the greatest potential to succeed and excel in. Applying the science of I-O Psychology to understanding work and the behaviours that contribute to leadership effectiveness in organizations, Optimize by expsyt, integrates the principles of  work design with insights yielded by psychological assessments to offer valid and objective predictions of leadership potential in relation to defined strategic roles.

Optimize by expsyt is geared towards ensuring that all leaders, from the C-suite down, are deployed in roles that maximize their full potential. It sets organizations up to achieve their strategic objectives, boost growth, and withstand unexpected crises and setbacks that have the potential to cripple even the most robust businesses.

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Dr. Ameetha Garbharran


Founder & CEO

Dr. Ameetha Garbharran is the Founder & CEO of expsyt, a boutique consulting firm specializing in assessments for leadership selection and development, executive coaching and organization-wide competency design. Drawing on decades of experience in the field of I-O Psychology, Dr. Garbharran and her associates partner with organizations to select, develop and coach high potential leaders and skilled professionals. She identifies top talent to fill strategic roles and develops and coaches existing talent to capitalize on strengths and development opportunities. Dr. Garbharran has a special affinity for working with C-suite executives but also navigates the full spectrum of the leadership and skilled professionals ladder in organizations to support all key contributors to be their best. 

Leveraging a comprehensive suite of assessments: personality and cognitive ability assessments; emotional intelligence and 360° feedback tools; competency-based interviews and behaviourally-based assessments simulating real-world leadership challenges; Dr. Garbharran is adept at distilling the key competencies that contribute to optimal performance. She strives to enhance organizational success and drive competitive advantage by identifying and unlocking potential and coaching talented leaders and professionals to meet and exceed challenging personal and professional goals. 

With international consulting experience, Dr. Garbharran has worked with a diverse spectrum of multinational corporations, private sector companies and public sector institutions across multiple industries including telecommunications, information technology, pharmaceuticals, banking, financial services, retail, manufacturing, hospitality, oil and gas, mining and professional services.

Dr. Garbharran holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and a Masters degree (cum laude) in I-O Psychology. She is an internationally registered Industrial & Organizational Psychologist and a Board Certified Executive Coach. She has served on the Executive Committee of SIOPSA and is currently a member of the American Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) and the Canadian Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (CSIOP).

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